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Construction Clean Up

Looking for the best construction cleanup crew money can buy? You found them. At I-Haul, we specialize in construction cleanup services in San Diego and North County. We are fully licensed and insured and we pride ourselves in doing the most complete and thorough job for the absolute best price. Our staff members are certified, friendly, courteous, and on time. We haul so you don't have to!

Why I-Haul for San Diego Construction Cleanup?

Construction clean up is a huge task that often times can be too difficult, too time-consuming and too labor-intensive for most people. Construction debris and rubble is a big nuisance and can interfere with the daily lives of civilians and residents of the area around the construction. Sometimes it can go un-cleaned for weeks, or even months, and create a hazard for passersby. Not to mention, it's a major eyesore and junk can often times obstruct the beauty of the surrounding area. Half-rate construction clean up companies will only do a sub-par job in construction clean up and will not leave the area adequately cleaned. But if you are a bank, construction company, real estate company or property owner, we at I-Haul can take care of your construction cleanup in a jiffy. In the San Diego area, we are the go-to source for construction cleanup. If you need construction clean up in San Diego, then look no further than I-Haul. Contact us here.

No matter how large the job, we can take care of your construction clean up demands in San Diego and North County in a timely manner. We send out our workers to the scene as soon as possible after we are contacted by a client for clean up. We can have the job finished as soon as you need it to be finished. We detest half-finished work just as much as you do. We make sure that all of the construction debris and rubble are thoroughly cleaned up so the area can be cleaned, not only for your convenience, but the convenience of the people around you. We will also maintain constant communication with you throughout the entire process. Making and keeping good relationships with our clients is our number one priority. If you have any requests or questions, feel free to contact us with your concerns.

The Most Affordable Construction Cleanup in San Diego

Apart from being on time and getting the job done right, we're also extremely affordable. Compare our prices to competing companies. We cannot be beat when it comes to affordability. There's no question - if you want value - the very best service for your dollar - I-Haul is your company. All of our employees are hard working, certified, and trained (and not to mention very professional). We also make sure that our employees utilize safe working techniques (proper equipment, protective wear, etc.). We care about the safety and well-being of our employees as much as we care about the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Contact us today and experience the difference for yourself.

We believe that hard work and a professional attitude is the right way to do business. That's why 95% of our business comes from referrals and word-of-mouth. We're confident that when you hire I-Haul for your construction clean up needs in North County and San Diego, you'll be absolutely thrilled with the results. Give us an opportunity to give you a free quote and experience the I-Haul difference.


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