Junk Removal & Light Demolition for all San Diego & North County!

Metal Scrappers

I HAUL is proud to offer auto parts recycling to San Diego Mechanics and shops.

  • We drop off a bin at your place
  • You fill bin with unwanted parts/metal
  • We pick up bin when full
  • We pay you 10% of the bins weight at mixed metal price
  • We go recycle it

It's that easy!!!

Make money for just dropping unwated parts in the bin.

Metal should not be thrown in your garbage can! Metal is highly reusable! Recycling your metal is a huge way to contribute to a greener Earth and a more sustainable planet! If you have old metal that you need to dispose of, call the pros at I-Haul! We'll come to your location, haul away all of your metal and recycle everything we can! 760-978-4378