Junk Removal & Light Demolition for all San Diego & North County!

Oceanside Jacuzzi Removal

Oceanside Junk Removal specializes in Jacuzzi removal Oceanside and disposal service throughout Oceanside San Diego. We have removed & disposed hundreds of Spas, or Hot Tubs in the Oceanside area! At I-HAUL SD, we  take our customer service very seriously and pride ourselves on professional, friendly service at fair rates. I-Haul SD has been removing Junk Spas and Hot Tubs since 2009 and is fully Insured for your protection.

Our Oceanside Spa, Hot Tub Removers have all the tools and expertise to handle any type of removal. Hot Tubs and Spas are very heavy, sometimes weighing over 1,000 pounds. You don't want just anyone coming to your home to remove it. We guarantee a safe and clean removal, even if it looks like an impossible job!

Since 2009 Oceanside I-HAUL SD Junk Removal's Jacuzzi Removers has properly removed, recycled and disposed of hundreds of spas throughout the Oceanside. Without a doubt, IHaul San Diego’s Jacuzzi Remover Service is the #1 provider of Jacuzzi removal services in Oceanside.

Here are just a few reasons to use IHAUL San Diego as your Jacuzzi removal service:

  • Trained professionals
  • Free Estimates
  • Courteous and friendly staff
  • Scheduling the best time for you
  • Come home feeling fantastic about having your junk gone
  • Be free from removing your Jacuzzi, no hassles
  • Individually tailored service to meet your needs and budget

We provide free estimates, you can call us today and we'll be happy to provide an estimate!  760-547-5638

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to help you remove your old Jacuzzi from your Oceanside home!