Junk Removal & Light Demolition for all San Diego & North County!

San Diego Shed Removal

shed-removal-san-diegoDo you have an old shed that you need some demolition work done and have it removed?  Tired of looking at that old shed at your house?  We can help remove it affordably and fast to give you more space around your home!

For over 10 years I-Haul San Diego has been helping homeowners remove unwanted sheds as well as unwanted junk removal around the house.  Usually removing a shed requires some light demolition work that we are more than happy to help you with.  As experts in the junk removal field, our team will get that unwanted shed out of your life!

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I-Haul San Diego is your full-service solution for all demolition needs.  We will bring the tools needed to tackle any demolition job you have.  We will provide the labor, demolition, removal, and recycling of debris for your specific project.  If you're looking to get a drywall removed, or kitchen demolition, or any other sort of demolition project, we are your team!

San Diego Shed removal and recycling is not an easy job so leave it up the team at I-Haul San Diego to do all the heavy lifting and you sit back and relax.

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