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San Marcos Hot Tub Removal

Do you have an old hot tub that you are considering getting rid of?

  • Unused Hot Tubs
  • Take up room in your backyard
  • Attract rats, spiders and mosquitos
  • Cost you extra money each month on your home owner's insurance

san-marcos-spa-removalFor over 10 years, IHaulSD has been helping San Marcos home owners with the removal and recycling of their spa, allowing them to have a fresh looking backyard and saving money on the maintenance and upkeep of their San Marcos spa. 

We take pride in our customer service and spa removal abilities, leaving our customers happy with the results and giving backyards a new opportunity for space and landscaping. 

For many years San Marcos homeowners we’re forced to get rid of their spa on their own.   Typically a handyman would try and figure it out once he got to your home, but not any longer, we’ve helped 100s of homeowners remove their San Marcos spa in just a few hours.    No matter how big your San Marcos spa is, or where its located, we can remove the spa at an affordable price compared to many of the larger junk removal companies. 

Here at IHaulSD, we Remove:

  • Above Ground Spas & Gazebos
  • In-ground Spas Including Pump and Heating Equipment
  • Swim Spas
  • Difficult Access Spas (in a deck, on a balcony, inside a home, etc.)

Our Service Includes:

1. Pumping out remaining water from your hot tub out to the street
2. Expert disconnect, remove and cap off the electrical wiring
3. Removal of the spa cover, steps and any other related items
4. Power wash spa stain off slab area
5. Final job area clean up

IHaul’s San Marcos hot tub removal service will get your backyard looking fresh again! As with our other services, we will come to your house, haul it to our truck so you don’t have to lift a finger. If we can, we will make every effort possible to recycle your old hot tub.

So take back your backyard, free up your patio and let us carry your worries away. Let us remove that old San Marcos hot tub out of your life.

Services Include:

  • San Marcos Spa Removal
  • San Marcos Jacuzzi Removal
  • San Marcos Hot Tub Removal

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